Learning Sequences

For History teachers and students

Developed by HTAA (The History Teachers' Association of Australia)

Unit 1 - World War I - Enlistment and Fighting on the Western Front


This unit introduces a student inquiry into World War I by focusing on the experience of one individual.

The Learning Sequence deals with:

  1. The Historical Context, where students are asked to consider Australia’s response to the outbreak of war in 1914.
  2. Part 1, a source based inquiry built around the enlistment of an individual in 1915. This part includes a major writing task.
  3. Part 2, a source based inquiry into the experience of the same individual on the Western Front.

This unit directly supports the Australian Curriculum: History, Years 9 and 10. However, it may be adapted for student research or extension work in any year or for primary years.

Unit Components

  1. Introduction (teachers)
  2. Learning Sequence (teachers)
  3. Historical Context - Australia’s response to the outbreak of war in 1914 (teachers and students)
  4. Skills Activities Part 1: Enlistment, 1915 (students)
  5. Skills Activities Part 2: Fighting on the Western Front (students)
  6. Teacher Resource 1 (TR 1) — Curriculum Links (teachers)
  7. Student Resource 1 (SR 1) — Video Questions (students)
  8. Student Resource 2 (SR 2) Enlistment Sources (students)
  9. Teacher Resource 2 (TR 2) — Marking Criteria (teachers)
  10. Student Resource 3 (SR 3) — Western Front Sources (students)